Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Favorite 15 Things from the Renegade Craft Fair

(Back) Peanut Butter Jelly Time! (Front) Apple Pie a la Mode
So I've developed a rather nasty cough this past weekend, forcing me to put my weekly baking on hold. I did have a great weekend though and have decided to write about that instead!

On Friday night, I finally checked out Candybar - a dessert lounge with delicious cocktails, amazing desserts, and board games! A few girlfriends and I ordered an assortment of desserts and tried them all. I highly recommend it - great for girls' night or a date! We had so much trying desserts and drinks and playing the games they had there.
Red velvet cake (with marshmallows!)
Passion Fruit Mousse 
On Saturday, I checked out the Renegade Craft Fair up at Fort Mason. A friend described it as "Etsy in person," so of course I had to check it out. If only I had enough money to buy everything I liked, but I did take pictures of everything that caught my eye and make a top 15 list:

Strawberry with Lemon Basil Jam (Lemon Bird Jams)

Many of the vendors had various food items for sale - candies, jams, etc. This stand had an amazing strawberry lemon basil jam - the strawberries were super fresh and the lemon basil flavor was subtle. I haven't made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in forever, but I would totally eat this straight out of the jar.

Graphic Print Coasters (Post Studio)

I have to stop putting my cups directly on my desk; I have more water rings on its surface than I would like. These coasters would be perfect to shield my desk from my teas and fruit smoothies as I write away on the blog. The colors are great!

Tiny Gifts (Leafcutter Designs)

No picture, but check out the website! They have these tiny mail packages that contain a small token, like a button, and a note that says something like "You are cute as a button!" So adorable.

Drumstick Plush Rattle (jamie xy)

This drumstick rattle came in a package like real chicken would. I have a whole series of pictures of myself eating fake food at this fair.

Headbands (Poppyhearts)

I have been watching WAY too much Gossip Girl lately and really want to expand my headband collection. Blair may be a crazy person, but her fashion sense, especially in hair accessories, is amazing. I'll have to hit up Forever 21 in the near future....

Book Cover Necklace (Magic Industrie)

This guy takes book covers and turns them into art - wallets, pins, bookmarks, and necklaces. Very unique!

Pancake Scarf (Twinkie Chan)

What else is there to say? It's a PANCAKE SCARF.

Rosemary Almond Butter Crunch (p.o.p. candy)

These were so good. I could definitely taste the rosemary and the almond. I'm totally inspired to make my own now!

Crochet Octopus (dorklandia)

That little red dot that I'm poking is an adorable crochet octopus. They have other cute crochet creatures too, including the infamous Grumpy Cat.

MN State Icons (redshoes26)

This vendor draws and frames famous state icons in a cute little square. The creators are originally from Minnesota - we were all super excited to run into a fellow Minnesotan! I definitely recognize many of the state icons from Minnesota and was tempted to buy some of the ones that I had been to. I'll probably cave one day and buy them online.

Oil Painting Jewelry (Sofia Lacin)

These were beautiful! She makes her own oil paintings and then transforms them into necklaces and earrings and other jewelry.

Polymer Clay Food Charms (inedible jewelry)

I used to make things out of polymer clay all the time, but never this detailed and intricately. They had fruits and vegetables and sweets and nearly any food you could think of. So if you have ever spent your whole life searching for an avocado necklace, check these out.

Pac-Man Eats the Solar System Print (Sean Mort Print Shop)

Cute print with Pac-Man as the sun, munching his way through the solar system. I was impressed that the print included Pluto. The artist said that all his prints are representative of his childhood, and since Pluto was a planet when he was younger, he had to keep it in. I was extremely tempted to buy it, but I already spent money on other prints (see the last item on my list!)

Compass Necklace (Love Nail Tree)

I spent the day getting lost in the city (directionally challenged as ever...) and when I saw this necklace, I figured it would be perfect in helping me determining which way is up.

Growing Up Geek Print (Genevieve Santos)

So this was the only thing I bought at the fair and it was TOTALLY worth it. The minute I saw this print I knew that I had to have it. First the girl looks just like me, especially when I was a girl, and she's surrounded by all the geek things that I love: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, X-Men (specifically my favorite X-men, Cyclops!), the Mario pillowcase, Star Trek...the fact that I was able to recognize everything on this print made me realize I had to get it. I also bought another similar print - this time a little boy surrounded by similar geek things, like Game of Thrones and Totoro. I had a great chat with the artist herself about Doctor Who and how excited we were about the 50th anniversary. Always good to meet another Whovian in real life! Can't wait to frame these and hang them side-by-side!

Next week: back to regularly scheduled programming of baking, provided my cough is gone.  

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