Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cinnamon Apple Pie Cupcakes - with Cinnamon Swiss Meringue Buttercream!

Can't see the apple filling, but it's definitely there and delicious!
So Wednesdays have become my favorite night of the week. I go to my fun hip-hop class at the gym, dance for an hour, and then come home, throw on the latest Pretty Little Liars from last night, and bake away!

I've developed a sort of obsession with cupcakes recently. I've been watching Cupcake Wars and every time I see any type of sweet, I think to myself how can I cupcake-ize that? I'll eventually make my way back over to cookies and other desserts, but for the next few weeks, expect an onslaught of cupcake delights.

For this week's cupcake installment, I present Cinnamon Apple Pie Cupcakes! I got the wonderful recipe off of Pinterest (of course). The cupcake part is a cinnamon cake and is filled with an apple filling, topped with cinnamon Swiss meringue buttercream.

I was especially excited to make these because I had bought myself new cupcake toys: a cupcake corer to hollow out the cupcakes easier for filling and frosting tips to pipe on the buttercream better. I was also looking forward to trying out a new frosting recipe that was different than my traditional powdered-sugar-and-butter routine. It was a little trickier to make - I had to fashion a makeshift double boiler and only had a hand mixer instead of a stand - but I was really pleased at how yummy and pretty it turned out!

Instagram sort of makes up for my lack of proper camera

Instead of posting the recipe, I'm just going to link the blog I got it from - I made no changes to the recipe, except to half the amounts to make only a dozen rather than two dozen.

Shorter post today - I could talk about the most recent episode of Pretty Little Liars or how I survived skydiving this weekend, but it has been a long day, so I'll just leave you with the cupcakes.

Next time: more cupcakes on the weekend, but with a twist! :)

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