Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reese's Pieces Chocolate Chip Cookies

One thing I get commonly asked about my baking is: "Why aren't you 500 pounds?"
I guess I do bake a lot, but I certainly don't eat all of it. At most, I'll try one to make sure its edible and delicious, and then bring the rest onto work and/or leave them lying around the house for the roommates. For me, the process of baking is much more enjoyable than eating the end product, which prevents me from ingesting thousands of calories every week.

This cookie however? This cookie is the exception. If I want to continue eating healthy while baking as much as I do, I should not make this cookie often.

The recipe comes from Sally's Baking Addiction and is the best cookie I've ever made - soft and chewy and thick. The secret? Couple things, actually. As she says in her blog: "Extra brown sugar, less white sugar, extra baking soda, add cornstarch, add an extra egg yolk, extra underbake them, melt the butter, chill the dough, and use just enough flour."

It's quite versatile as well - you can use the recipe to make a regular chocolate chip cookie, like what I did in my cookie/brownie hybrid recipe, or you can switch it up and add other things, which is what I did with these cookies. I had leftover Reese's Pieces from the owl cupcakes, so I decided to add them into the cookie dough alongside the chocolate chips.

Another trick to get them to be thick is to roll out the cookie dough so its taller than its wide so they don't flatten out and overbake. I made them a little smaller than the recipe called for and baked them for less time, so I could bake more and smaller cookies.

The recipe is from this blog - I followed it exactly (except for the smaller cookies and shorter baking time), so no need to repeat it here.

Next week - a recipe that hopefully I won't eat five or six of...

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